A simple “Get out” escaped through White’s lips before the male could even utter a single lone word. There had been too much of a rift between the two as soon as they had met, and it had pushed them so far apart that she could literally never stand the presence of someone who had even the potential audacity like him.


   It is completely true that N had, at one time,felt an intense hatred against this brunette and her friend, completely for their lack of understanding of their Pokemon. No… Pokemon they had called their own. If Pokemon were objects then they would qualify as ‘property’ of humans, but they weren’t. The way how she had neglected her Tepig’s will to fight was simply unforgivable.



               Strange. It wasn’t everyday that a building of another could resemble the very same that she took vacancy in. Thin fingers brush her bangs aside to now look up at the male with those detached-looking emerald hues; the expression on her face could only be summed up as interested yet not at the same time. “The opposite of your words has been told to me, time and time again.” Her curiosity is slowly rising at who the man was.

              “Simply know I do not aim to cause an uproar, but is it wrong for a person to wonder why such a place makes one homesick, Sir?” ‘Homesick' may not have been the right word but it was the first that came to mind.


   And with that very response came with the great rise of sudden and raw curiosity, knocking N almost off balance physically. She had looked so familiar, and she had acted the very way he would most likely act if it was on a rather good day, and now this place was making her feel homesick?

   Homesickness was forbidden, Ghetsis would always say— So eventually, the former King came to believe it. Homesickness was forbidden, the mantra would be constant in his head, just like almost every other emotion. How had she come to feel such a sensation? Was it even… Possible? Such a thing would arise one very short and particular question, straight to the point and very, very firm—

    “Who are you.”

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(n voice) its been two years since i saw my wicked broski, black………… times have been tough, man……. with pokemon freedom rights and my zorua refusing to accept the all-vegan diet that ive planned for it, my totally radical dreams of a new pokemon republic are totally slammed bruh….. *sadly kicks skateboard up into hand and adjusts his beanie* not that it matters…….. haha….. hey man, you see this necklace???? this is where i keep all my weed man…… i cant actually talk to pokemon. this shit is just strong as fuck. where am i


// sHRINKS bless u too

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you’re gonna do great sweetpea! ` v`)/
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i dont even wanna be sad about this i wanna talk about how motherfuck iNG

n harmonia has a skateboard and a half-pipe in his goddamn room in the  c astle instead. HEY ZORUA *DOES A SICK SHRED* CHECK OUT MY HELLACIOUS MOVES *KCIKFLIPS OFF AND LANDS WITH A ROCK SIGN* FREE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!! RADICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ZORUA TRANSFORMS INTO A RAPPER AND POSES*

// i just rly hope i live up to everyones’ expectations— this is literally my first time roleplaying a manipulative but yet innocent character ever


[[UH YEAH UH, the thing about people is that as they grow older they change.  So obviously with muses it’s gonna be the same.  Silver certainly isn’t the same in the HGSS arc as he was in the GCS arc and he most certainly is different now even at 18 yrs of age.  The differences are subtle but, they’re there. 

No one is gonna be the same at 18 yrs old as they were when they were 11 yrs old whether it be a fictional character or a real person.  So obviously muses that are RPed at an age older than the age they were first introduced at or kept at in whatever media they came from, are gonna be slightly DIFFERENT.  gdi is this concept really that difficult to understand?]]



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